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Best Bets For Picking Winners in Maiden Horse Races

Best Bets For Picking Winners in Maiden Horse Races

Of all the different kinds of horse races available to the betting public, no category of races evokes stronger feelings than maidens. Why do people feel so strongly about betting on them? Some people say that they are a complete mystery because the horses haven’t established what they can do, while others seem to think that they are the ones that run true to form.

Statistically, races for non winners produce a high percentage of winning favorites. That seems to indicate that they really do run 먹튀검증 to form. If the crowd can pick the winner with a fair amount of consistency, then they can’t be too hard to handicap.

The problem is that all those races aren’t created the same. You have to know how to pick and choose which ones you play and which you pass. The thing about horses that are young and haven’t won a race yet is that they are still improving, still learning, and haven’t sustained the kinds of chronic ailments that older horses have gotten from their years of competition. So what you see is usually what you get.

The problem isn’t getting what you see, its getting what you don’t see. In other words, those first time starters really are mysterious. On the other hand, the people who work the backstretch have seen those first time starters work and know a good piece of horseflesh when they see one. So if you see a horse that is in its first race, and the odds are pretty low on it, you can figure that is inside money. Does that mean you should bet on it?

That is a personal choice you have to make. I usually pass them by. In fact, by not playing a race for non-winners with first time starters in it, you can greatly increase your chances for success. As long as each of the entrants has at least one race you will have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Some trainers will give a young horse one race to just run along with the other horses to feel like what it’s like to compete and will instruct the jockey not to push too hard. Those horses seem to improve dramatically in their second race.

Therefore, I really like to see a race where each one has had at least two races. That is when you really get a good look at what they can do. For that reason, my best bets when picking winners in maiden races has come from those events with horses that each have at least two starts. Picking the kinds of races you bet on is just as important as using a good system to make sense of all the information.

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