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Gia Lai Specialties Review

Gia Lai Specialties Review

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Gia Lai Specialties is a great way to experience Vietnam. There are so many unique things to do and see while in this fabulous country. Gia Lai itself is an island off the coast of Ho Chi Minh City. A visit to this island will give you a taste of the scenic and adventurous Vietnam.

Gia Lai (or Gia Lan Xun as it is known in Vietnamese) is Vietnam’s second largest province and one of the wealthiest cities in the Central Highlands area. Not only that, Gia Lai also is an extremely appealing tourist locale. With its abundance of natural beaches Hat macca and breathtaking beauty, the island is a favorite among tourists. Because of this, many travel agencies offer vacation packages to Vietnam like the one I used.

What I love about Gia Lai are the wide variety of exotic and delicious cuisine options. From Vietnamese pho and tofu to French haute cuisine, the island offers something for everyone. The best way to see all these offerings is to go to one of the many dining spots on Angie’s List. You will be amazed by the variety of excellent restaurants that are featured there. This site rates the establishments based on both price and quality, so you can easily find a restaurant that will please your palate.

My favorite meal in Vietnam is seafood pho. I usually have a bowl at my favorite Vietnamese place, Pho Ngu Trong, which is conveniently located right by the harbor. Pho Ngu Trong specializes in traditional Vietnamese dishes such as Pho, Vietnamese stir-fried vegetables and rice, and Vietnamese stir-fried meat. If you get the chance to try this exquisite dish, I would be very surprised and impressed. The tender meat with the flavor of spices is simply out of this world.

Along with Pho, another great meal to try would be the Lao Mein, a soup with steamed white fish or duck liver. The broth is extremely flavorful and the fish is swimming in it. When I order this, I always ask for hot water. It gives me a kick to know that I am getting something with a hot sensation to it. A typical afternoon here with my family includes lots of seafood, such as the Pho and Lao Mein.

Gia Lai Specialties is one of my favorite places in Phu Si town. It has a laid back atmosphere and the food is absolutely wonderful. Everything is prepared so fresh and delicately that you feel as if you are dining in your home. Everything is prepared with the freshest ingredients, and sometimes even with organic ingredients. The Lao Mein be a must to try, especially when paired with some fresh, pungent Vietnamese cucumbers.

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